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A letter to the Nation!


Dear Nation,


We here at Chuckies Thugzz would like to introduce ourselves to the most powerful fan base we know. The mighty NATION. Let us start by saying we are honoured and completely humbled as we enter into your presence. We are Norman and Beverly Williams, we are CHUCKIES THUGZZ LLC. Our goal is to present a new family to the nation and we certainly hope that you will embrace and accept us into your dark kingdom. My wife Beverly whom I like to call “BJ” suffers from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Bless her heart. She has worked tirelessly day and night to build CHUCKIES THUGZZ. Without her fearless determination to push through the highs and lows that come with this chronic condition none of this would be possible. With the support of the NATION not only can we help BJ but also others like her. Thank you so much for your support, recognizing our cause, and being a part of our family like we are a PROUD die hard part of yours.

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